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Wonder Tea is a magical cafe between worlds owned by Tia, the charming hostess and most attentive listener. She tells stories she has heard from travelers from different worlds and times. She also makes wonderful tea!

Project Features

Lots of free content, themed events every month, collecting

Beautiful characters, great graphics and animations, unique visual and sound design

Original and variable stories created by experienced professionals

Many stories
in one app

The Wonder Tea: Love and Mysteries mobile app has stories for every taste. The gracious hostess Tia will help players have a great time in her magical cafe, full of exciting stories and mini-games, with a cup of wonderful tea.

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Getting into another elite school did not bode well. You hoped to keep a low profile as much as possible and escape at the first opportunity. But things didn't go according to plan on the first day, when a mysterious ritual was attempted in your room.

Well, maybe this time it's worth sticking around and finding out what secrets Livingston High hides.

Features. Bullies and hotties, jealous girls, first love, an ancient cult, a missing girl, and a cute kitty named Fluffy.

Genre: Mystery, Detective, Romance.


Is it possible to play as a man? Or only as a woman?

So far in the stories planned for the launch of the project, the game will take place in the female lead. It is possible that in the future it will be possible to play as a character of another gender.

Are all stories low-rated or not? Are there possible bed scenes?

The stories are intended for players 16 years and older. This age rating does not suggest too explicit scenes.

Is there a choice in terms of love interest if the character is the same sex as the main character?

We cannot answer the question unequivocally. It will depend on the legislation of the country in which the project will be released. We will try to satisfy the interests of different players within the legislation of their country.

Is there an option to go through the game from a certain point, rather than right from the beginning (after one complete playthrough)?

We are considering this possibility.

Is it a collection of short stories or one big one?

This is a collection of short stories, with monthly events and story catalog updates planned.

What are the genres of stories?

The first stories will be in the genre of detective, romance and Mystery.

What does it focus more on - the story or the romance?

Most of the stories will have elements of romance.

And what romantic interests in your stories will there be?

It depends on the imagination of the authors of the stories and the legislation of the country in which the project will be published. We will tell you more about it closer to the release.

How often are updates planned, what size stories?

A new story will be published every month. The full passage of the story will take from 4 to 8 hours. Also, along with the story will be released story event, for which you can get a reward and learn something new about the characters of the project.

What kind of donation system is planned? What about prices?

For now, we can say that the stories can be passed from beginning to end without investing any real money.

Is there a limit to opening chapters per day?

We are considering different options, so we can't answer this question definitively yet.

Will the paid election affect the story? Or is it possible to get different endings without investing money in the game?

Paid elections will affect the story, but we will offer players different options for obtaining game currency, including those that do not require the investment of real money.

How is your game different from the others? Why should I download it specifically?

We create a project that conceptually combines all the stories into one universe. The point of attraction of all the stories is the magic cafe "Wonder Tea". We're also creating a social platform and a collection/achievement system within the app to make discussing stories with friends more interesting. Thanks to this and other new features, we will offer players additional content, which was not previously available in similar projects.

Who is Tia?

Tia is the owner of the Wonder Tea Café and a collector of stories. She collects travelers' stories and tells them to visitors.

How do I find out about new game or project events?

Join our "Wonder Tea" community on VKontakte: https://vk.com/public212700283. You will also be able to follow the news in the app after the release of the project.